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takes the lead in a new poll. we have all the 2012 news coming up. plus, the five of us remember life and legacy of innovator and investigationnary steve jobs. two special surprise guests. join us shortly on the show. you don't want to miss this. "the five" starts right now. in case you missed the rest of them, president obama held another news conference today. the focus the jobs bill. the tone, more of the same. take a look. >> i have gone out of my way in every instance, sometimes at my political peril and frustration of democrats to work with republicans to find common ground. >> you are worried about your own power of persuasion and maybe the american public isn't listening to you? >> the american people respond enthusiastically to specific provision of the jobs bill. they are skeptical about congress' ability to act. will congress do something? if the congress does something i can't run against a do-nothing congress. if congress does nothing then it's not a matter of me running against them. the american people will run them out of town. >> kimberly: he is firing them up a littl
of the stuff. i won emmies for it. this machine used chemical sprays to make people feel younger. like this one, this says erase wrinkles. >> or could you buy this device. >> it's an ugly facial thing. >> the consumers fall for the tricks all the time. what are the new ones and what should be done about them. that is our show tonight. >> john: as you saw i built my career exposed scams and products that don't work as advertised. here is another example. >> with summer coming. this ad caught my eye. the world's smallest air conditioner. >> we tried it out in the smallest room we could find. we ran the air conditioner for half an hour and watched. it went up two degrees. >> i was young once and i did that reporting for some 20 years. then i finally realized who really rips people off for more money than business ever does? government. so i changed to focus of my reporting. another reporter took over my old consumer beat. now, he works for the fox station in new york and he has a popular segment called shame, shame, shame. here is a wonderful clip of i am picking on martha stewart. >> i came to co
of last resort. don't worry, you can't get a student loan. come to us. we'll fix it for you. we are on a bullet train to progressive socialism. go to the government for everything. you can't live that way. that is not free market capitalism, bob. nothing like that. >> bob: is there anything like that here in wall street? >> eric: of course. it's all capitalism. >> bob: really? >> greg: i want to ask you, though. the real problem is tuition. not the loan. if tuition were lower you wouldn't have the problem with the loan. >> kimberly: but some people in college and i city tution like their money. this is about the campaigning, politics, 2012. he wants to buy votes of the youth. make sense. these people came out for him and supported the presidency. he needs them again. even more so this time. so this a way to rally them and speak to people protes protesting. >> dana: the school he spoke at, 9% purchasing power this year. is there any university that cut tuition rates recently? even in the recession? they don't have to be competitive. the other thing is bob, i agree that -- well, o
be joe. it's the environment versus the economy in the battle over the keystone pipeline. five of us will give you thoughts on that and much more. "the five" starts right now. ♪ >> dana: top story. major accomplishment in war on terror. it's confirmed a giant c.i.a. military operation killed american born cleric anwar al-awlaki. as you may remember, al-awlaki was -- try to say it three times fast -- was influential in plots here at home in the u.s. including the army major charged with the fort hood massacre, underwear bomb they're tried to blow up a plane on christmas in 2009, and the pakistani american man who pleaded guilty to the foiled times square plot last year. he was believed to have been in contact with al-awlaki as well. one of the things that secretary of defense leon panetta said today, because of today's action, america is safer. props for administration as well as the intelligence community, right, eric? >> eric: absolutely. the strategy is working. a drone attack with the intel. the only issue, look, the, i i have, and mr. obama came out today during a podium appear
you negotiate with these people. they hated competition and they hate us. >> meaning? >> charter schools. i don't know any union that supports charter schools. they won't come and visit your schools. they don't want my kids, for example if are in oakland, they don't want you to be funded the same as public schools. we are funded $6,000 or $7,000 less. they say that is okay. they have no interested in kids. the union has been around forever and they have no record of showing an interest in kids. >> exactly as everything in ben said i don't disagree except for the for the first sentence. what i'm saying there is a certain leaders. there is a union leader in tampa florida who a reformer zbleejts but we're going to have a union leader later on the show. >> you wouldn't say he was disqualified. you wouldn't. >> but i would want to say you can't enforce your union rules. >> exactly right. >> you said that randy wine garner may be october to run the new york school district. >> i said it carefully, if she were under the thumb of the mayor who is used to keep subordinates under his thumb
stock exchange and he will talk to us and only us, rare, rare tv interview with one of the titan of the biz on fbn. if you don't get it. >> demand it! >> yeah! ♪ ♪ >> eric: hello, everyone. it's 5:00 on the east coast. this is "the five." i'm eric bolling, with andrea tantaros, my buddy bob beckel, dana perino and greg gutfeld. tonight, the fast and furious investigation widens. homeland security chief janet napolitano retreats. capitol hill reloads. plus, get your blood pressure meds ready for this story. congress seems to get another huge loan approved by the department of energy with your taxpayer dollars. this is to a company not based in america. after being hammered for performances at the g.o.p. debate, governor rick perry's spokesman says he might skip a few. "the five" starts right now. >> eric: the clock is ticking for eric holder. republicans investigating the fast and furious gun running operation has given the attorney general two weeks to explain by the agents did not intercept guns used to murder at least one federal agent. and now the heat is also on the secre
for the economy. now, president obama says america is not better off than four years ago. am i dreaming? e-mail us at we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cellphone rings ] cut! [ monica ] i have a small part in a big movie. i thought we'd be on location for 3 days, it's been 3 weeks. so, i used my citi simplicity card to pick up a few things. and i don't have to worry about a late fee. which is good... no! bigger! bigger! [ monica ] ...because i don't think we're going anywhere for a while. [ male announcer ] write your story with the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. get started at ♪ ♪ >> bob: welcome back to "the five." eric, you're right about something going on, because look at this. i'm at the top of the show. the show, you didn't miss the whole show. i know you usually see me at the dead end. but i'm here at the top. so stick with us there is a lot of news coming out of president obama's interview with abc, whatever that is. one part that everyone seems to be making a big deal out of is this. take a listen. >> maj
house says no, let's not repeal it. the democrats, this used to be their big liberal darling. they loved it. we have sound from 2009. which they were talking about how it was fully paid for. >> certain colleagues on the other side of the aisle argued the class plan would lead to financially unstable entitlement program and rapidly decrease the federal deficit. that is not accurate. >> the cbo has scored this. this is completely paid for over 75 years. over 75 years. >> cbo said our future, decades and decades in the future paid for. i didn't use a penny of that money. >> dana: oops. because now they admitted they can't do it. in fact, secretary sebelius said that despite the best analytical effort, "i do not see a viable path forward for class implementation." greg, what is happened here, they have run in mathematical law they can't divide. >> greg: math does not do hope and change. math gives you something to you straight. i feel something coming on. it might be a torturee tortureed metaphor. this is government equivalent of 10-year-old girl not getting a pony for christmas. she was pro
>> eric: this is a fox news alert. u.s. officials confirm a foiled terror plot here in the united states. the plan to bomb the israeli and saudi arabian embassies in washington and to kill saudi arabian ambassador to the united states. iraniatwo have been charged wite plot. good evening. i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino and greg gutfeld. we'll have more on that story in a moment but we have a lot of other developing stories. first, the senate is set to vote on obama's jobs plan any moment now. we'll bring you the result as they come in. plus mitt romney is a huge endorsement today as a presidential hopeful prepare for another showdown in tonight's economic debate. nypd reportedly monitoring muslim groups at the new york city colleges, investigating the beginning of terror cells on campuses. we have all of those details and much more. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> eric: the breaking news, foiled terror plot in the nation's capital. the target, the israeli and saudi arabia embassies and the assassination of the saudi arabian ambassador to the
call. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow night with congressman paul ryan, carl rove on the record. go to greta and get i. >> neil: yeah. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> dana: hello. it's 5:00 on the east coast. this is "the five." i'm dana perino with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling and greg gutfeld. a lot to talk about tonight. he's now a man with a plan. rick perry rolls out his blueprint for rescuing the economy. but will the plan rescue his poll numbers? we'll give you details. herman cain produces a strange ad with one of his staffers smoking in it. it grabs your attention but for the right reason. and texas has been interesting new plan to cut costs. stop feeding prisoners. "the five" starts right now. >> dana: we start with cut, balance and grow. the name of perry's new plan to turn the economy around if voters put him in the white house. he announced the proposal earlier today. >> the best representation of my plan is this postcard. this is what we're talk about right here. taxpayers will be able to fill out and
. what do you think? >> eric: kim, you can probably help us more. what we read or heard is the italian courts are much more lenient. she got an appeal after being convicted. she got 26 years. the appeal was heard. would it happen here in america? >> kimberly: they have a different system than we do. here, she was entitled to have immediate appeal. it worked to her advantage because they got new dna testing and forensic that cast doubt on dna on the knife and bra. that was part of the crucial evidence that they linked her to the crime scene. she maintained in one different version she was innocent and wasn't present. she also did accuse someone else of committing the crime. the conviction stands for slappeder she had three years for that and she got credit to time serve which had is system to our system, a fine was assessed. >> greg: she made up a lot of stuff. right? isn't that a problem here? >> eric: her footprint in blood was found. her shoe based on the footprint in blood. >> bob: let me understand one thing greg was talking about. this story had a lot of drugs and you called satan
celebrating 15th anniversary of fox news channel with us. we'll see you again tomorrow night. o'reilly factor is next. go to greta tell us how much you love us. 15 years of fox news channel, we'll do 15 wait until you hear what he has to say on occupy wall street. one hour from now. ♪ ♪ >> eric: hello, everyone. it's 5:00 on the east coast. this is "the five." i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino and greg gutfeld. a busy news day, so let's get started. first, historic day for libyans, as they the libyan government confirms ousted dictator muammar gaddafi has been killed by rebel soldiers. plus, visa for buying a home in the u.s.? that's right. two senators are pushing that idea. and then and just what the unions needed, more members. we'll tell you why marijuana dealers want to join. "the five" starts right now. >> eric: to the big news of the day. libyan officials confirm the death of muslim dictator muammar gaddafi and fox learned a predator drone on gaddafi's convoy before he was capture and killed. we have a picture believed to be the d
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couldn't. but he is less reliant on lobbyists. >> eric: in 2008, he said i will not use lobbyists, i won't use lobbyists for my campaign for my white house. people probably did vote for him on that. >> dana: listen to this. >> kimberly: i'll get greg's reaction. does anyone remember president obama saying this about the lobbyists? this is 2007. take a listen. >> i am in this race. to tell corporate lobbyists their days of setting the agenda in washington are over. they have not funded my campaign. they will not work in my white house. >> kimberly: what about that? those are strong direct clear words. >> greg: i was totally confused by what he said. lobbying isn't a bad thing. expression of our right to petition government for grievancessism just made that up. >> bob: that was great. >> greg: thank you. it's not lobbying. it's about lying. it's funny, when you see a politician that comes out about gay rights but he's gay. that's obama. he says he hates lobbyist but he is in love with lobbying. >> tortureed metaphor? >> greg: no. he's in the closet with lying. >> bob: there is not a presid
secretary tim geithner. he's going to go over there. >> thanks for being with us tonight. we'll see you on monday. o'reilly next. on hold. >> neil: thank you. >> our top stories, treasury officials testifying on capitol hill today that they've never seen the government handle a loan like the $530 million loan given to solar company solyndra, the testimony raising even more concerns about the energy department's handling of the this handout. i'll go to you first, but late this afternoon, the head of the committee investigating solyndra, asked the treasury, have they ever seen an instance where taxpayers were subordinated to private investors. in other words, after the initial loan, there's more money borrowed, investors in front of the taxpayer money. treasury official, 28 years of experience, testifies no such instance. >> right. the investor was the big obama donor, remember. this is the issue at hand, the smoking gun. this is the biggest scandal. it should be a scandal that all this money, millions of dollars of taxpayer money was funneled to a company that was on the borderline o
department of defense has had a venture capital firm going for years, and use that money to develop more weapons of mass destruction and to kill people with, and that's gone on all the time. >> all right. >> do they or do they not? >> they work to protect us. >> not always. >> the reason why they were champing at the bit to get it out the door because they said it would create jobs. it created zero jobs. in fact, 1100 jobs were lost when they went bankrupt. sunpower said it would create 350 construction jobs and 15, 1-5, permanent jobs with a $1.2 federal loan guarantee. >> uh-huh. >> this is where you start saying, let's back up here. >> can i talk about sunpower? >> guys, hold on one secretary. on sunpower's website, they clarify that loan that the government gave them, it's $1.37 billion, $3.5 million per job and -- >> how much money did we give to halliburton to rip off the country? >> can i raise a question about -- >> you never want to talk about things that are germane. >> halliburton isn't on the front page today. solyndra is. >> do you or do you not accept the fact that there's
for buying a home in the u.s.? that's right. two senators are pushing that idea. and then and just what the unions needed, more members. we'll tell you why marijuana dealers want to join. "the five" starts right now. >> eric: to the big news of the day. libyan officials confirm the death of muslim dictator muammar gaddafi and fox learned a predator drone on gaddafi's convoy before he was capture and killed. we have a picture believed to be the dead gaddafi. a warning, it's very graphic. take a look. image captured by fighters moments after his death, streets of tripoli are filled with celebration. but has obama even bothered to ask these questions? what are with left with? who are the guys and which one will throw on a suit and address theu podium? the man on the street or the one who finished him off with .9-millimeter justice? >> bob: i don't know. that was graphic, you're right. the big news out of libya is not that gaddafi is dead. that was expected. >> dana: what? >> bob: it's big news today but seriously, is anybody going to care next week? no. >> andrea: libyans will. >> bob: can
debate? you get better over time. >> he's not debated. >> come on. you can't use that argument. herman cain is not a politician and does really well. rick perry has been a governor. he should have this stuff locked. he's great on his texas record, but other than ho that how can e not -- >> at the end of the day all that matters is 40% of the jobs created in america in the last two years were in texas. >> eric, i don't disagree that his record is important, but he has to go up against barack obama. the question is -- >> you got to be ready. >> -- can he win? >> obama would eat his lunch, eat him up. >> you know that philadelphia basketball player, i'm forgetting his name, who said practice, practice, what's practice. this guy is a professional politician. you should he should show up and have ideas and be able to talk. what did andrea say? >> what's the most important thing right now? >> to demonstrate to the american people that he's a competent politician. >> no. creating jobs is the most important. he's created more jobs than the rest of them. >> he tried to get into it last night. l
doesn't have deduction for employer healthcare coverage here. so he is moving all of to us voucher system? >> dana: meaning perry? >> andrea: perry. i agree with the metaphor. the candidates are moving in the right direction. at least we're having a conversation. it's long-term because it's complicated thing to reform the tax code. but it's better than democrats. >> bob: i didn't understand it at all. i didn't get it. the last time there was a major rewrite of the tax code was 1986 and it changed things a lot. tax reform is the major legislative push after the 2012 elections. >> dana: what kind of tax reform would a second term president obama give? >> bob: hopefully what he would do is go to fairer flat tax than this. >> andrea: you even favor a flat tax. >> bob: i do. we could get there. where does he start the flat tax? $35,000, $50,000 a year is where it starts. it say no taxes up until $90,000 a year. >> andrea: you wouldn't eliminate the child tax -- >> dana: $30,000. >> bob: too low. it has to be higher than that. i'd put a 20% tax on wealth. the wealth generator -- >> eric:
unemployment than the national average. they have more minorities coming in. rural areas are falling down. used to be republican. smart move on his part. give him credit for pushing the jobs bill. >> kimberly: we have a couple of graphics on that in particular. the president is touring the swing states like north carolina. look at the numbers there for 2008. he won with 52.7% of the vote. now facing 61% disapproval and 42% approval. do you think it will turn it around for him spending actual time on the ground with voters? >> bob: sure. a lot of it depends on black turn-out in both of those states. >> kimberly: in virginia he won with 49.9% of the vote and now he is looking at 52, disapproval of 45% approval. what do you make of the jobs now, bus tour. >> greg: kimberly, i'm glad you asked. as you know, it's usually at this point i come up with a tortureed metaphor. >> kimberly: yes. and you have one. >> greg: yes, i do. when i was doing my research on the bus tour, i recalled one of my favorite movies "weekend at bernie's." if you remember the plot, two guys carted around their dead boss prete
breaks out between the u.s. and pakistan, they go with pakistan. of course they are. the phone call that cost an n.f.l. star $10,000. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> eric: another all-time low for president obama. his approval number at 41%. bleak and falling. his strategy now to try to work around congress and boost the economy since he clearly isn't getting enough support or votes from lawmakers on his jobs plan. the latest brainstorm, help for homeowners having trouble paying mortgage. calling it the "we can't wait" plan. you can't wait, mr. president? we can't wait either. most importantly, we can't wait for november 5, 2012. kimberly, i know, but look, here is another mortgage mitigation plan, the government getting involved in the free market for homes. good, bad or otherwise ideal? >> kimberly: didn't they help mess this up enough already? you are not quite done yet. it's well intentioned, right, for people who are trying to pay the mortgage. not default. aren't behind payment but are having a hard time. well intentioned but how many people will it help? if people end
is shad -- >> andrea: he is shadow boxing. there are no sources in front of us and we'll probably never find out who the women are. if this turns out to be false, i have a sense it will. politico has egg on its face. they have a responsible to come forward and tell us who these women are. what if i said jonathan martin of politico, you went to college once. i can't tell you what they are. it's a private manner. it's a distraction. that's what we heard when it was bill clinton. he paid paula jones off. $700,000 to $800,000. if they get this wrong, they handed him a -- >> kimberly: boomerang on him. >> bob: presidential campaigns, when i ran mondale's stuff we get anonymous stuff on other candidates all the time. i think you will find the names out. every press outlet is all over cain. >> andrea: they're not coming forward, the women. they can't. >> bob: i'm not sure. if this is cain they will pick at him from here on out. i'll hold the press conference and say i'll answer all the questions you've got. he has to get it back off the track here. or he will be distracted. look, 60 days left
minute. follow us on twitter, follow user greta wire. o'reilly factor is next. we'll see you on >> all right. hi, everybody. well, eric isn't here yet from cavuto. i don't know. guys, what are you saying? security isn't letting him in? >> we have a show. you got to open the door. >> all right, forget it. let's start without him. too bad. hello, everyone. it's 5:00 on the east coast. this is "the five." i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with juan williams, andrea tantaros and greg gutfeld. hopefully he'll make it over here and we won't have to turn into "the four." we got a lot to cover tonight. but first -- >> romney care was obamacare. >> he's inflating twice as fast. >> it didn't come off a pizza box. >> i think the devil's in the details. >> i'm still speaking. i'm still speaking. >> another fiery debate for the presidential contenders will this latest round change the course of the race? plus, eric holder gets served. he's served a subpoena as part of the fast and furious investigation. and another attempt to vote on obama's jobs bill fails in the senate. shocking, but now dem
't eat big shrimp. this restaurant is expensive. big shrimp. i'm used to little shrimp. not big shrimp. should haven't three at one time. >> greg: you scared the hell out of us. >> bob: i know. i apologize. but move on. >> eric: declare it bob day. happy bob day. >> kimberly: happy you're okay. [ applause ] >> dana: remember, it was a week ago when you and i were in atlanta together where you faked a heart attack and i thought it was real. so today okay, what is he doing now? okay. i kept talking to the neighbor on my left and i realized it was real. one thing was funny, somebody said what would have happened if eric hadn't been there. and it was dana and bob alone. i would have had to drop the atomic elbow on you. >> kimberly: do a gymnast move. >> eric: can we get back to jobs bill? >> bob: a reluctant hero, my friend. >> eric: god bless, thank god it worked out great. >> greg: finally worked out. >> dana: it was scary. >> eric: million jobs, aggressive but one of the big part of the proposal is cut, cap and balance and get government under control again. >> greg: can i use a torture
before us and talk about that you are strong on immigration is on its face the height of hypocrisy. >> gor romney? >> rick, i don't think i ever hired an illegal in my life. >> greg: how did romney take that? the little laughter -- >> dana: i didn't realize eric bolling talked about the body language experts. i would have loved to see that. >> eric: awkward laugh. >> dana: a little awkward. i thought rick perry made a point that was non-jermaine to the question that was being asked about healthcare. and you could -- i could see it, he had prepared for this point. he was going to make this point. he just decided this is my shot and i'll take it now. when romney pushed back with the fact it felt like perry thought there and thought oh, no, have i been given bad information by my staff? you saw that look? >> greg: kimberly, it seems to get more aggressive and it seems like the republicans are doing dirty work for the democrats. >> kimberly: yeah. >> greg: is it help the candidates or hurting them? >> kimberly: there is criticism of that, that the g.o.p. is tearing each other down and
think he'd be thrilled. no. the dems nixed it. intention unmasked as political theater, that leads us to biden. the great joe biden, who at a conference yesterday said the american people believe that the country is not moving in the right direction. yep, nothing gets past joe. i love him. so andrea, what happened last night on the senate floor? i don't understand 90% of it. >> andrea: it is complicate complicated. think reid lost his temper. a lot of my sources say he didn't have this planned. he and mcconnell discussed seven amendments that would be brought to the floor. when reid found out what two of the amendments would be, obama jobs bill, which he didn't want to bring to the floor for a vote and the epa dust regulation, he panicked and said no, you can't do this. the reason republicans are doing it, there is a split in the dem caucus on the jobs bill. i thought they could get the dust bill reversal passed. >> bob: what is a dust bill? >> greg: don't pretend you don't know dust, bob. >> bob: i got plenty of it. >> andrea: they're trying to regulate dust. so reid panics and loses
language expert analyzes us. i'm a little nervous about this. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> dana: right to the top story. president obama picking a fight with house majority leader eric cantor. a little surprising to me that the president would do this yesterday, the same day that the top republican mitch mcconnell was calling for a vote on the president's bill. andrea, if you were president obama would you engage eric cantor when most people in the united states can't name who the vice president is? >> andrea: exactly. obama has much higher name i.d. cantor doesn't have the name recognition. i don't know why you'd elevate him. he is saying we want agree on me of the jobs bill and we'll try to pass it. jay carney, the white house press secretary came out and said we'll pass it. we won't veto them if they come and piecemeal. it's tricky. eric cantor is calling the president's bluff like mitch mcconnell did yesterday. but further, what is the message coming out of the white house? what is the white house's message on this? one day they are going after cantor, the next day they go a
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